Friday, December 20, 2019

Well 2019 has come and gone.  WoW!!  Right...for you, young whipper-snappers, time will go by faster and faster as you grow up.  I don't know how it does, but it does. I just want to give you an update (it has been way too long) that UC is still going, just not as often.   But thank JESUS, UC is booked for the Spring and the Fall of 2020!  And possibly one in 2021, but that one has not been confirmed yet.

If you've never volunteered or hosted a UC event, please consider it.  It's hard work but it's worth it.

Thank you for those that have helped in the past and for those that will help in the future. I'd love to see if it'd be possible to get all the UC family together some time.

Thank you for all you do for UC.   I appreciate and love you all.

And remember...
One  Day Closer!

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