Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Time Flies!!

WoW! I didn't realize how long it's been...again! Why are WE SOOOOOO Busy? UC happens 3 times a year now..CORRECTION.. 4 times a year now..and you'd think I could find time to "stop" and post more often. LORD willing I will try harder to keep this "blog" more current. Also, I have many pics and videos to post up on the UC Website from this year's event. You Pray that GOD makes that happen!

Ok..so it's been...over a year!

UC is on the move. UC continues to grow! Since the last post..we've had 4 UCs! Our "fall event at Cedar Grove, our "spring" event at Trinity Baptist Church, another one at New Hope, down south of Cadiz, and another one at Cedar Grove! and in 5 days..there will be another UC in Greenville, oh..that's Greenville PA! UC is continuing to grow, only by the hand of GOD ALMIGHTY, HE has allowed us the opportunity to show, tell, and share JESUS CHRIST with many, many people in this unique way. UC is unlike any other experience! It's not like Judgment House or HELL House, where your "guided" through the night, YOU are part of the experience. You have to "choose" your own way, you must decide what is "good" or "bad"! It's just like "life", we must choose to "serve" or "sit", "lead" or "be led", "go" or "stay", "obey" or "rebel", "love" or "hate", you get the idea.

UC has been busy, all of our events, have seen souls saved! That's what it's all about! JESUS Saves..even in these "trying" times we live in today. UC is just a "tool" to do 2 things: 1 - UC is to present the gospel in a whole new way, the gospel isn't changed (or it wouldn't be the gospel) only the presentation. And 2 - UC is to "crank up", "wake up", "energize", "revive" Christians into battle mode! Folks, we are in a battle, we know we win the war but it's still battle time. We need to communicate the gospel to as many as we can. We need to do whatever it takes, even if it seems "extreme", JESUS did, right!

Remember "we're" One Day Closer...also remember so are "they"...