Saturday, March 12, 2016

Well since I haven't posted in a while and I've had some that asked when's the next UC. Guess what, it's this year in October!! We're back!! We've been on hiatus for some time, but give us some time and we'll back in full force. The date in October has not been set officially yet, but when it is. I will be sure to post it. Also I'm going to get a domain and a permanent web hosting will cost some but its worth it. Our previous host went "belly-up" and without notice and I did NOT have a backup of the website, so I'm starting all over. So I need your help!! If you have experienced UC in any way, would you please share that with me. I would like to put some testimonials on the website. If you would please send me your testimonial to This will help in a tremendous way. Hang in there, we're One Day Closer!!