Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Underground Church 2010

It won't be long til our next UC! Trinity Baptist Church in Hopkinsville KYwill host our next UC in April of 2010! Casey and her "crew" are the greatest! Casey knows how to "crack that whip" LOL She's great, and sold out for JESUS! Trinity always does a great job with UC. I can't wait til April! You know it's not that far away, I mean right now we only have 50 days left until Christmas!!! Enjoy!!

And Remember, we're One Day Closer!!

Underground Church Went GODly Well!!

GOD took over at UC!! Wow!! Cedar Grove Baptist Church, (our host) those folks did an outstanding job!! They were eXcited, and still are from what I'm being told! They are already talking about next year!! Yeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaw!! We have about 350 there, that included about 50 workers. When it was all said and done, we had 116 REdedications, 3 that would like to know how to be "saved", and we got to see 18 professions of Faith!! Thank YOU JESUS! And thank you Cedar Grove Baptist Church!!