Friday, June 19, 2009

Underground Church Continues To "GROW"

Underground Church may be eXpanding yet again!!

We have an opportunity that is developing, that will take Underground Church to Alabama! Yes even those in Alabama, need UC!! LOL

Let me tell you this...GOD IS GOOD!!

I've been thinking about..emailing, contacting a friend that has moved off some time ago. I still have his email address..and everytime I send out a UC email, sometimes I include him, and sometimes when I see his email address...I wonder if we could do UC down there!...

Well last Monday night, I was putting together an email for UC workers...and I came across his name, I almost sent him a special email concerning what I've been thinking about.

GUESS WHAT!!?? He CALLED ME THE VERY NEXT MORNING!! TUESDAY! He said Stu, I've been aiming to talk with our Youth Pastor about doing UC! He said this past Sunday, I got my chance!! I asked him, "Have you ever considered doing a UC?" The Youth Pastor said, "I don't know any one that has done one." He answered, "I have had a little eXperience with it" Guess where he got his experience from...LOL!!

We chatted abit, and this actually may work out!! So any UC Workers looking for a 'working' weekend...we very well may need you! Please be in much prayer about this...who knows where this may lead! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

I never have told you his name, for most of you already know whom it is we are talking about. But later on, if this continues to move forward, for those that don't know now...soon will!!