Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Underground Church 2009

2009, starts another year, another year closer to our rapture out this place! Wohooo! Until that day, hour, moment comes, there's work to be done, and in 2009 there's more than in 2008 to be done!!
Underground Church will GROW AGAIN! Thank you LORD!! GOD has yet opened another door, avenue, opportunity for UC! GOD willing, of course, we will have 3 (THREE) Underground Church events in 2009!!
Trigg County, brothers and sisters, have 'signed on' to conduct Underground Church in their area. Our host is New Hope Baptist Church! It's a rural setting, much like Silent Run, this coming from Brother Carl Heckman. I'm eXcited, nervous, scared, blessed and dumbfounded by the opportunity to share the GOSPEL with more and more people! I almost said young people, but we've been having more and more Adults attend too!
Please make 2009 a matter of prayer, not only for Underground Church, its workers, and all that participate, but also for yourself, your family, your church, that GOD may have HIS way in each of our lives...Remember, We're ONE DAY CLOSER!!