Monday, August 17, 2009


The Underground Church Simulation Game seems to be growing even more! Thank YOU JESUS! It is "wild" that this outreach tool is reaching out to 1000s of people every year! I have just did a search on YouTube, for Underground Church, and wow, a bunch of results come up!! Some are actual video from actual Underground Churches...a must see! Also there are many churches now doing Underground Church as an event or outreach tool, very nice to see!

Now I'm NOT saying that "we" had anything to do with it OR not, but it's amazing after "we" started doing UC many people are doing it also. The UC website is getting hit all over this world, and it has "sparked" some to take on this great tool for themselves! We have had emails from Australia, Summit Mississippi, Alabama, and from a person contacting us via our Underground Church YouTube channel!!

Thank YOU LORD! Thank YOU!

I know many of you "struggle" with doing UC, and that's not all BAD! It takes a 'calling', no doubt, it takes a "faith" that is bigger than all of us, it takes "love" for others more than ourselves. I know the "storyline", the "idea", the "intensity" is not necessarily the way we should present the gospel...but it does get the message across in a "powerful" way!

UC takes minutes to do something it might take one of us to do in days, weeks, or even months, it takes away (or "blows" away) all that someone might be "packing" before the game starts. We don' t know what people are "thinking", are "going through", have "come out of", or facing at that particular time....when the GAG regime "comes in", I believe that everything that "may have been" is now gone. And when all the "cares" of this world are not on our hearts and minds, then GOD's SWEET HOLY SPIRIT can get "right through"...

So as hard as UC is to do, work in, etc., it is the great commission in a very unique way, but whatever it takes to see one "lost" soul come to JESUS, it's worth it!