Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Underground Church Simulation Game - April 24, 2010 RESULTS

WoW!! We did have UC on April 24th!! --- BUT, it didn't look good for a while! We had rain in the forecast for "off and on" all day Saturday. When we left to go to UC, it was clear, and by the time we got there it was beginning to rain. We watched the sky, and it was getting darker and darker, the wind had begun to pick up, and it was beginning to look like this UC would be a washout. We "saturate" UC in prayer, and during prayer time, it began raining really hard, so hard that you really couldn't hear the person praying. The rain was 'beating' down on the roof, man it was loud! After short time after prayer time, maybe 30 minutes, the rain began to "slack". Then we saw the clouds begin to break up....and then we seen the SUN come out! Thank YOU JESUS!! It was GREAT! WoW! Of course by now it was getting really close to start time...and we did have some folks that were 'scared' away by the weather, but then we had a few to show up!! We had one group from Mayfield to come!! Now normally under good weather conditions that is not really a big deal, but with the weather that we had, and I'm sure that it rained on them most of the way in..but they still came!! Thank YOU JESUS!!

We had about 70 players to go through the game. And we had 30+ workers, to portray all the different roles that we have in UC, GAG Regime, Clue Stations, Jail Attendants, Morgue Workers, needless to say we had a Blast! Casey and her team, always, always do an eXcellent job!! During the worship service, you could feel such a sweet sweet Spirit filled room! We had lots of great testimonies, words of encouragement, words of challenge and words of LOVE. I cut out probably sooner than I should've, and it took me a couple of days to hook up with Casey again to get the results....

The results are GODly, that is the only way to eXplain it!! Out of those 70 that came and played UC, there were 10 professions of faith!!! WoW!!! THANK YOU JESUS!

That's why we play UC!!

One Day Closer..