Friday, March 18, 2016

We have a permanent place on the internet now, no more free hosting. No more having to worry about if the free hosting company ups and quits on you without your knowledge. I have rebuilt the website for UC and we're back up and on the web!! Our new site is I still have to register our domain with google, yahoo, and bing the big search engines, and then it'll take some time for us to start showing up again in search results. The best search words I have found for UC is (underground church simulation) - this will now give you search results of our youtube channel, our blog, and our facebook page as well, and soon our website as well. Spread the word, about our new website URL, and our plans to have UC in October. We want 500 there if possible!! Pray about it, and bring a bunch of people with you. Til Next Time..Remember We're One Day Closer