Sunday, July 8, 2012

Please Update your Bookmarks for the Underground Church Website!!!

We have moved, temporarily (I hope), to a different host, after being down for 6 months with  I believe that our UC website is very, very important.  Now it never did get a 100,000 hits a day or anything, but it did/does serve a purpose.

I am desperately looking for a safe, secure, and reliable webhost to permanently locate the website.  Please pray that our current host (or perhaps I'll find another) will provide us with a more consistent uptime. Now in's defense,  that were great for a long time, lately things have changed, and I can't take the risk of another 6 months of being down.

So that being said, Our Site has been moved to:

Everything is not working/available yet, but I'm doing bits and pieces each day, in order to get everything up and running like it used to be.  During the longevity of being down for so long we've lost our #1 google ranking.  I will also start the process of registering our new location to google, yahoo, bing and, so we can get ourselves back in the search engine results.

Also we need a host church for Underground Church in October (2012).  If your church would like to host Underground Church, please let me know.   So we can make plans, and I can get the new location posted on the website as soon as possible.   October is just around the corner, and will be here fast!

Thanks for all you do for UC!

One Day Closer