Monday, October 31, 2011

A Great Year for UC!

We have had an incredible year with UC! Thank YOU JESUS! This year the LORD moved, stirred, convicted and coverted lost souls. We got to see 22 saved in April, and 18 saved in October!!! Folks, if I do the math correctly, that's 40!

It just "hit me" like a ton of bricks, how awesome GOD is! I would like to thank all those that came, and invited their lost friends. Those that invited and brought their lost friends, you brought them to JESUS!

We know without the HOLY SPIRIT, none can be saved! But those that brought them to UC, brought them to an opportunity to hear the GOSPEL! They not only heard the GOSPEL but they received it and that's the most important thing!

We do UC, mainly because GOD tells us to. But we also do it, to give people (young and old alike) an opportunity to accept JESUS as LORD and SAVIOUR! To give believers an opportunity to have new insight on the privilege and blessing we have in the USA to worship freely.

May GOD continue to use UC as long as HE chooses!

And remember..

We're One Day Closer!