Friday, October 2, 2009

Underground Church Is Approaching Fast!

I can't believe it! We are 22 days away from Underground Church!! Woohoo! Wow... There's still a lot of "odds and ends" that need to be taken care of! We still need some volunteers, we still need some props, and we still need some "food"!! Of course if JESUS comes on or before the 24th at 5 PM, I DON'T CARE IF ALL THE STUFF GETS TAKEN CARE OF!!! I'm eXcited about this year's eXperience, it's chapter 4, "New Beginnings", and the story line gets increasingly INTENSE! I'm praying GOD will give us as many as we can handle! The word is out, the banners are hung, the community calendars have been published, the PSAs have been sent to area radio stations, and now we just sit back, and let GOD do the rest! It's all about HIM anyway..right! Underground Church is continuing to impact Western KY, and beginning to reach out far beyond our regional area! Australia! How about that?!! Simply AMAZING!

We will continue to "conduct" Underground Church until JESUS comes, or tells us to stop..One or the other... Our prayer is simply that GOD has HIS WAY with each heart that's present, and that could entail many things. For instance, Underground Church is "geared" toward believers, but GOD has seen fit to SAVE people!! Thank YOU JESUS! Some people have answered the call to the Mission Field, some have 'gained' a new appreciation for the freedom that we have in coming and going into a place of worship without hindrance from government or anyone else.

We take that, special freedom, for granted. In fact, we take it for granted enough that some days, some times, we choose NOT to go. Something else, we take for granted is GOD's WRITTEN WORD, we don't read it and don't pack it!

This is one reason, scripture memorization, and daily quiet times, are so important! If you get HIS Word in your Heart, in your mind, no matter what happens on the outside, no one can take it away from you!!

One Day Closer...