Sunday, April 26, 2009

Underground Churches Around the World

There are many, many underground churches, people are dying for their faith each and every day! We are so blessed to live here in the USA! We take for granted going to church, so much so, that there are times we choose not to go. We take for granted the reading of GOD's WORD,that we have HIS WORD in front of us, so much that it goes untouched frequently. In some countries, some go to great ilnks to read GOD's WORD, hiding under beds, etc., just to have a chance to read the BIBLE. Just remember, it seems we never appreciate what we have until it's taken away from us. LET'S NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO US WHEN IT COMES TO CHURCH!

Did you know that two-thirds of the world's population live in areas where preaching the Gospel is restricted in some way? Every 3 1/2 minutes a Christian loses his/her life for their belief in JESUS CHRIST. That's 411 Christians being killed every day in direct response to their faith. Let's do the math. Shall we? 411 Christians die on a daily basis,
there's 365 days in a year, so that means that 150,015 Christians die annually!! I'm sure
the newspapers you read, the network news you watch report this and you already knew how bad it is...NOT! PLEASE PRAY FOR THOSE IN HARMS WAY, OUR MILITARY SOLDIERS AND OUR SOLDIERS OF THE CROSS!

I've searched the web, and there are other churches that are playing UC! So if you can't come to ours, please investigate and go to another! Better still, do some research and do a UC of your own, it truly is a blessing. As hard as it is, to plan, prepare, and put on, we love it!!