Monday, June 29, 2009

WOW! Underground Church Has More Potential

This weekend was a tremendous weekend for UC! We went to Alabama to visit some friends that were celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary. While we were there, I took the liberty of sharing some Underground Church Cards with some friends that live in different places in the potential to start some more Underground churches is HIGH! Also, on the return trip, I had someone call my cellphone, and asked about UC. I asked him where did you hear about UC, he said I just past you on the highway and was very intrigued by your sign. So we chatted abit, and he said he would visit the website and get back with me. Also, a week or so ago, I had a friend email me/call me about UC in Alabama, and that really looks like a door that is going to open up for UC!! And just a week or so ago, a friend that left M'ville and moved to Nicholasville KY, is going to share the idea with their new church family, and I believe that-that may have a good chance of getting off the ground also. Today, I was emailing a friend that is starting UC in Trigg County, this year, July 11th @5PM, in Cadiz, KY, at New Hope Baptist Church to be exact, and he said he had a call from a guy in St. Louis..interested in starting one...WoW!!! Woohoo! GOD IS SO GOOD TO US! AMEN? AMEN!