Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Here we go -- Underground Church is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 24th @ 6PM It will be at Cedargrove Baptist in Central City, KY Please plan to attend, bring your youth, your church, your family, we loved for you to come be with us. This year we play Chapter 9 - "Keys to the Kingdom" - very, very unusual and exciting chapter!! I'm excited to see it played, it's NEVER been played before! So you could be the first to experience UC with Chapter 9!! Be sure to check out the website -- Also our information flyer is there for you to print out and then hand it out. The link for the flyer is in the upper left side of the website. It is in PDF form, so you'll need the dreaded Adobe Reader to view it. Come Be with us, UC is not anything like you've ever experienced before! Til Next Time -- One Day Closer

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