Monday, October 29, 2018

UC is only 5 days away!!

We are getting closer and closer to UC!  This year is, just like every other one, going to be a blast!  It's in an uncharted territory!  LOL - NEW people, new area, lots of excitement!!  UC is an experience, that's all I can tell you.  You will never be disappointed attending a UC!  We'd love to set a new record on attendance, the most we've had, I believe, is 365!!  So 366 would do it,  but come on folks let's shoot for 400!!  If you can't come, would you please pray for UC.   If you can come, please bring a van load, a bus load or two van loads and bus loads, the more the merrier!!  The cost is ZERO DOLLARS$$, there's going to be FREE FOOD!  I mean it doesn't get much better than that, but it does!!  We will have CHURCH!!  I mean CHURCH, you need to experience it for yourself!!  So come be with us.   Get more info at Underground Church Website     OR email me at the underground church at gmail dot com  (Sorry had to do it that way, but Spammers and Bots are always lurking around.)

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