Monday, October 29, 2018

UC is only 5 days away!!

We are getting closer and closer to UC!  This year is, just like every other one, going to be a blast!  It's in an uncharted territory!  LOL - NEW people, new area, lots of excitement!!  UC is an experience, that's all I can tell you.  You will never be disappointed attending a UC!  We'd love to set a new record on attendance, the most we've had, I believe, is 365!!  So 366 would do it,  but come on folks let's shoot for 400!!  If you can't come, would you please pray for UC.   If you can come, please bring a van load, a bus load or two van loads and bus loads, the more the merrier!!  The cost is ZERO DOLLARS$$, there's going to be FREE FOOD!  I mean it doesn't get much better than that, but it does!!  We will have CHURCH!!  I mean CHURCH, you need to experience it for yourself!!  So come be with us.   Get more info at Underground Church Website     OR email me at the underground church at gmail dot com  (Sorry had to do it that way, but Spammers and Bots are always lurking around.)

Saturday, August 11, 2018

It's that time again!!   Wow, how time flies!!  I would like to invite you to our next event!  It'll be here before you know it.  Please make plans to be with us, put it on your calendar, please share and spread the word for us.


Monday, August 14, 2017

OKAY --- Forgive me...I keep forgetting about the blog!  I apologize!!  We have some GREAT NEWS!!

UC is ON for 2017!!!  WOOHOO!!   The info is below, please print out, share it on FB,  etc., please

help us spread the word!!

Come Be With Us!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2016


**NOTICE** We have had a scheduling conflict- so we are rescheduling UC for OCTOBER 15TH!! I'm in the process of updating the handout flyer, the website, a notification on twitter, facebook and of course here on the blog. Please pass the word along to others, so we can get everyone notified of the change. Sorry for the inconvenience. I will republish the flyer as soon as I can get that date changed and then reuploaded. Til Next time.....

One Day Closer

Friday, June 10, 2016

Calling all UC fans, helpers and prayer warriors, we have a need for keys, lots and lots of keys. If you have old keys that you no longer need, maybe you can't remember what they go to, would you care to let UC use them. If you would that would be great, you can message me here at the UC page or you can email me at the UC email addres of theundergroundchurch at gmail dot com -- (used to avoid robots and spammers - please change email address to correct email address format) - Thanks -- and remember One Day Closer! Come On JESUS.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Here we go -- Underground Church is scheduled for SEPTEMBER 24th @ 6PM It will be at Cedargrove Baptist in Central City, KY Please plan to attend, bring your youth, your church, your family, we loved for you to come be with us. This year we play Chapter 9 - "Keys to the Kingdom" - very, very unusual and exciting chapter!! I'm excited to see it played, it's NEVER been played before! So you could be the first to experience UC with Chapter 9!! Be sure to check out the website -- Also our information flyer is there for you to print out and then hand it out. The link for the flyer is in the upper left side of the website. It is in PDF form, so you'll need the dreaded Adobe Reader to view it. Come Be with us, UC is not anything like you've ever experienced before! Til Next Time -- One Day Closer

Friday, March 18, 2016

We have a permanent place on the internet now, no more free hosting. No more having to worry about if the free hosting company ups and quits on you without your knowledge. I have rebuilt the website for UC and we're back up and on the web!! Our new site is I still have to register our domain with google, yahoo, and bing the big search engines, and then it'll take some time for us to start showing up again in search results. The best search words I have found for UC is (underground church simulation) - this will now give you search results of our youtube channel, our blog, and our facebook page as well, and soon our website as well. Spread the word, about our new website URL, and our plans to have UC in October. We want 500 there if possible!! Pray about it, and bring a bunch of people with you. Til Next Time..Remember We're One Day Closer